Aging in Place Home Modifications

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Safety & Comfort for Better Living as We Age

Below are just some of the areas of your home that may benefit from modifications or upgrades as revealed by a Maine Properties aging-in-place home inspection. All recommendations are up to the discretion of the homeowner, and homeowners are under no obligation to make changes following an inspection. Maine Properties works with you to find the best solutions for your family’s requirements.

Floor Plan & Square Footage

We’ll evaluate your floor plan and listen to your needs for adding a second floor, or adding square footage to accommodate aging relatives, as rental income or for a future caregiver. We help you with ways to add square footage to your home thoughtfully while integrating it into your home’s operational systems.


Homeowners may benefit from low-maintenance exterior elements such as shrubs and plants, deck and patio surfaces and stairs, always part of our inspection of a home. We inspect parking and outdoor areas for safety, improved lighting, and mobility accommodations.


We combine our expertise in contemporary kitchen remodeling with the needs of aging homeowners. We evaluation ease of use and find improvements options for faucets, counters, cabinetry, space, shelving, and pay special attention to appliances such as washing machines, microwaves, and cooktops.


Safety and comfort in the bath is a priority for aging homeowners. Modifications such as contrasting color edges, easy to access shower and tub handles, and lighting are evaluated. We’ll work with you to find the modifications for comfort and ease of use, including bath and shower thresholds that are flush with the floor, and hardware that takes advantage of contemporary ease-of-use design concepts.


We consider safety throughout the home and provide options for vulnerable areas – even those you may not have thought of. We evaluate entryway, steps, thresholds, and flooring, and provide solutions such as contrast colors between floor and walls, and accessible doorbells. We even assess where packages go when they’re delivered for easy retrieval.


Smart lighting decisions can make all the difference to seniors and those with low or deteriorating vision. We assess the home’s natural light, visibility in halls and stairs, light switch placement, and accessibility of electrical systems. We offer options for lower windows, and easy to operate hardware, handrails, among other items.

and More

Have special needs or unique challenges? We provide today’s best solutions to energy efficiency, more effective heating and cooling, low maintenance home systems such as recycling and programmable thermostats, adaptable phones, intercoms, and security — even easier pet feeding. Our experts provide homeowners with all sorts of options, small and large, that improve life and make residents happier in their home.

If keeping your family together, enjoying peace of mind, and having a choice about where you live as you age is your vision for the future, let’s talk!