Aging in Place Home Inspections

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Questions About Planning for a Residential Remodel


Should I have a Home Inspection?

If you have begun to make plans for yourself as you age, a loved one, or for visitors to your home, an aging in place home inspection from a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist is the perfect first step. Whether your changing needs are years in the future or you require immediate accommodations, the professionals at Maine Properties can assist homeowners in prioritizing, planning, and budgeting for short-term and long-term upgrades.

A First Step Toward Aging on Your Own Terms

Inspections are the first step in the process of understanding your needs. Maine Properties professionals and/or our trusted partners will begin with a thorough inspection that takes your current and future circumstances into account. We use Certified Aging-in-Place design principles, and integrate universal design ideas for independent living.

Our experts focus solely on your home and your needs, so improvements are customized to you. We consider the room-by-room interior, exterior, and the surrounding environment, and find solutions that bring out the beauty of your home and enhance its function in ways you may never have considered. We bring all our experience with elegant design and aesthetically-enriching spaces to bear to improve your lifestyle and, in some cases, your home’s value.

Following the inspection, we’ll provide options that will address safety, convenience, and accessibility concerns, and collaborate with you on a plan for moving forward.

Aging in Place is for Everyone

Aging in place is an option for everyone, regardless of where they live, their income, or their abilities. Seniors, children caring for Seniors, veterans, those with mobility challenges, compromised physical condition, or unique needs at any age will benefit from an aging-in-place home inspection. Homeowners are never under any obligation or contract as part of the inspection.

If keeping your family together, enjoying peace of mind, and having a choice about where you live as you age is your vision for the future, let’s talk!